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Review: Excite Audio – Lifeline Console

Excite Audio announced their newest development, called Lifeline Console, together with Plugin Boutique. This plugin is promised to hold on to many interesting features for adding character to your sound source. Down below you’ll find a comprehensive review of the Lifeline Console plugin by Excite Audio.


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Lifeline Console holds on to a modular interface including zero latency, resizable UI, 5 displays, a common modular workflow, 15 algorithms, and a total of 5 effects modules. Once you open the plugin you’ll notice that you’ve got the option to add a Pre-amp, EQ, Compressor, Modulator, and Wear to your sound source. The Pre-amp adds warmth to your sounds and it complements its frequency spectrum through colorful saturation. The equalizer holds on to a vintage interface for sculpting the low- and high-end of your sounds. The compressor has standard attack and release settings, but you’ll be able to set the right threshold, makeup, and mix. Modulate the sound by controlling depth, rate speed, and total effects mix, and obsolete the sound by using wear’s noise, artifacts, and age features. On the right side, you’ll find standard in/out gain sliders, as well as a display to choose between a dry, clean or vintage character. A total of 325 presets are included, suitable for all types of sounds. The Lifeline Console looks familiar to XLN Audio’s RC-20, but the effects are achieving a different outcome. I’d recommend using this plugin on a sound that’s missing life. This plugin will definitely add personality and will give your mixes a special touch of vintage character.



Lifetime Console is currently on sale and is available for $49.00. The usual price for the plugin is $69.00



Have a look at the plugin down below:


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