fabfilter blackfriday 2022

Fabfilter Black Friday 2022 Sale

Music Producers, Mixing & Mastering Engineers have been eagerly waiting for this Black Friday & Cyber Monday Sale. Fabfilter, the mastermind behind award-winning plugins such as Pro Q3, Pro R, Pro L2, Saturn, etc. has slashed 25% off all its plugins for Black Friday 2022. It won’t be wrong to say that some of the Fabfilter plugins sit comfortably well in the elite category of mixing and mastering plugins. Down below is the list of top Fabfilter Black Friday 2022 deals & offers. The offers run only for a limited time and end on 28th November so you might want to grab these as soon as possible. Also make sure to check out our professionally curated Black Friday landing page where we list the best deals on plugins, sample packs, courses and more.


Fabfilter Black Friday 2022 Deals: Bundles

1. Fabfilter Pro Bundle $555.00 (from $739.00)  [We Rave You Recommendation]

Included within the Pro Bundle are Pro-R, Pro-MB, Pro-L, Pro Q3, Pro-C 2, Pro-DS & Pro-G. This bundle covers all the essential elements you will require to mix and master a track. If budget is not an issue for you, we would recommend getting the Total Bundle which comes in with some extra plugins such as Saturn, Timeless, Simplon, and a few more.


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2. FabFilter Mastering Bundle  $375.00 (from $499.00)
As the name suggests, this bundle covers the mastering aspect of music production. Included within are Pro-MB(Multi-Band Compressor), Pro L2(Limiter), Pro Q3(EQ), Pro C2(Compressor).




3. Fabfilter Mixing Bundle $509.00 (from $679.00)  
Included within this bundle are all the mixing essentials from Fabfilter namely Pro-R, Pro Q3, Pro-DS, Pro G, Saturn 2 & Timeless 2. Clean GUI & precise control over sounds is what you can expect from this set of plugins.


4. Fabfilter Total Bundle $749.00 (from $999.00) 
The total bundle is a collection of all FabFilter plugins. Included within are EQ, Compressor, Limiter, De-Esser, Gate/Expander, Multi-Band Distortion, Stereo Delay, Filter, and Synthesizer.



5. Fabfilter Essentials Bundle $299.00 (from $399.00)

Probably the most affordable one from all the bundles listed. It contains 3 of the best Fabfilter plugins Pro-C2, Pro Q3 & Pro R.



Fabfilter Black Friday 2022 Deals: Plugins

* Cheap upgrade options from previous versions also available]

1. Pro-Q 3 EQ  – $135.00 (from $179.00)

2. Saturn 2 – $115.00 (from $154.00)

3. Pro-L 2 – $149.00 from $199.00

4. Pro- R – $ 149.00 from $199.00

5. Pro-C 2 – $135.00 from $179.00 

6. Pro-MB – $149.00 from $199.00

7. Pro-DS – $135.00 from $179.00 

8. Pro-G – $135.00 from $179.00

9. Volcano 3 – $95.00 from $129.00

10. Twin 2 – $115.00 from $154.00

11. One – $45.00 from $59.00

12. Simplon – $45.00 from $59.00

13. Micro – $25.00 from $34.00

14. Timeless 3 – $95.00 from $129.00 



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