Home Uncategorized Finneas shares insights into his home studio
Finneas shares insights into his home studio
finneas home studio

Finneas shares insights into his home studio

Home Uncategorized Finneas shares insights into his home studio

AWAL is a branch of a famous music service company known as Kobalt. AWAL partners up with labels and artists such as Lauv, Finneas, and Daya.  As a part of their YouTube series called SPACES, they take us through the bedroom studio where Finneas and Billie Eilish started working together.


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The video is shot in Los Angeles, the hometown of Billie Eilish & Finneas where they both grew up and became one of the most famous artists in the world. Their musical prowess, such as singing and playing different instruments, developed organically as they spent endless hours practicing on several pianos and guitars that existed in the house. At first sight, you’ll notice that the studio of Finneas only contains a microphone, keyboard, a set of speakers, an audio interface, and a DAW. These are the most necessary tools to create music in today’s era. To be more specific about the tools he is using while producing, we’ve listed some of the most important ones down below.


Expanding your studio can be really expensive, but Finneas thought differently about this, as he still tries to make the most out of the tools he has. Getting to know your tools is really important, and it will help you improve your workflow. As Finneas mentions in the video, intimacy is key to his way of music production. They are home, feeling safe and comfortable without being interrupted by other people. They can incorporate their memories and feelings into their music, and that’s why they are so unique. Many live performances of Finneas and Billie, during the pandemic, can be found online. Just only them with a guitar, microphone, and a piano. The whole video of SPACES can be found down below.


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Image Credit: AWAL, Finneas

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