FL Studio 21.2 Update Image Credits: Image-line Stem Separation

Stem Separation Redefines FL Studio 21.2’s Update

Stem Separation, the process of extracting selective audio elements, has become increasingly capable with machine learning artificial intelligence models. FL Studio plans to launch a game-changing feature set to debut in the highly anticipated 21.2 update. The spotlight shines on stem separation technology, a cutting-edge tool that will change how producers dissect and manipulate audio within the Digital Audio Workstation (DAW). With stem separation, this innovative feature will be seamlessly integrated into the Sample menu, providing unparalleled creative control at your fingertips. There will be an “extract stems from sample” option, where users can selectively extract ‘drums,’ ‘bass,’ ‘vocals,’ and even ‘other instruments.’


FL Studio’s CEO, Scott Fisher, has provided invaluable insights into the update on FL Studio’s User Forum. Fisher disclosed that stem extraction would require an internet connection due to the machine learning models necessary. Image-Line’s models are roughly a terabyte in size. This bold step ensures that FL Studio’s stem separation remains a robust and accessible tool for producers around the globe. Fisher also shared some fascinating details about the effectiveness of stem separation. “The model was trained on contemporary music styles. We can train it for Classical music but don’t have plans for that in the initial release,” stated Fisher. While the potential to adapt the model for classical music exists, Fisher clarified that there are no immediate plans for this in the initial release.


In conclusion, FL Studio’s stem separation feature represents a critical moment in music production. With the ability to extract individual elements from audio tracks, producers can push the boundaries of creativity and redefine the possibilities of their compositions. Instead of producers scouring the internet in search for studio acapella’s or remix stems, they will have all the tools necessary built into FL Studio’s workflow. As the 21.2 update approaches, one can only wonder if other industry-leading DAWs will follow suit.


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Image Credits: Image-Line

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