Home Tech Flame Sound introduces Firestarter SFX cinematic sound effects collection
Flame Sound introduces Firestarter SFX cinematic sound effects collection
Flame Sound 'Firestarter SFX'
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Flame Sound introduces Firestarter SFX cinematic sound effects collection

Home Tech Flame Sound introduces Firestarter SFX cinematic sound effects collection

Introducing their latest cinematic sound effects collection, Flame Sound have just launched Firestarter SFX. Acting as the successor to the popular Inferno SFX collection, this is one software application that any up and coming producer and not only should be looking to purchase.

With technological innovation playing a key role for any up and coming producers within our community and not only, it is initiatives of such nature that continue to provide endless possibilities for the production of music and the various sound effects that can come alongside it. Well-known for their highly acclaimed Inferno SFX feature, Flame Sound can be considered as pioneers within their field of sound effects, with the sound design label taking their brand to even further heights, through the launch of Firestarter SFX, a feature that now boosts any production or project through a high quality and fully comprehensive collection of cinematic sound effects that are specifically designed for filmmakers, music producers, game developers and content creators.

Taking over the Inferno SFX collection, and now directly focusing on blockbuster movie trailer sound effects, Firestarter SFX has arrived at the most fitting of times, and each of its features have been meticulously crafted in a manner that will allow users to excel within their field through the use of a cutting-edge and highly innovative software. Containing 250 cinematic trailer sounds, and categorised in a way that will make their access as easy and smooth as possible, Firestarter SFX is the ultimate collection for any music producer out there, and in turn, we could not be any more excited of sharing this product with each and every one of you. Compatible with all major video and audio editing software on the market, be sure to check out below all the technological specs that directly correspond to Firestarter SFX;

  • 250 Sound Effects (30 x Accents, 22 x Booms, 34 x Braams, 22 x Downers, 34 x Impacts, 20 x Cinematic Loops, 37 x Tension Builders, 24 x Textures, 27 x Transitions)
  • Bonus: 1 GB of royalty-free Field Recordings
  • Bonus: Flame Sound Heatwave (100 sounds, free add-on)
  • 24-bit WAV format (48 kHz, stereo)
  • 100% royalty-free
  • Download size: 585 MB (ZIP archive)

The ultimate sound effects collection, Flame Sound also provides a free Cinematic SFX pack, where 53 premium cinematic sounds will also be available for anyone lucky enough to get their hands on the Firestarter SFX collection. A necessity in our eyes for the rising stars within the dance scene, as well as the well-renowned acts, you can find further information on Firestarter SFX through Flame Sound’s official website here, so be sure to explore and ultimately purchase this latest software that works wonders in terms of sounds and their effects.

Image Credit: Flame Sound / Provided By: Tomislav Zlatic

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