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Flume shares studio secrets in a reddit AMA
Flume studio secrets
Image Credits: Unsplash (Austin Neill)

Flume shares studio secrets in a reddit AMA

Home Uncategorized Flume shares studio secrets in a reddit AMA

Australian record producer, DJ, and musician, Flume probably needs no introduction. Having worked alongside artists such as Sam Smith, Disclosure, and Lore, Flume is considered one of the best modern-day music producers. His studio album “Flume” reached 2x Platinum in Australia and his second studio album “Skin” won the “Best Dance/Electronic Album at the Grammy awards in 2017. Flume didn’t stop there, as he released a special mixtape called “Hi This Is Flume” in 2019. This ground-breaking mixtape pushed the boundaries more on a musical and creative level.


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There aren’t many sources online where he explained his creative production process, so he recently shared some studio secrets while answering questions on his Reddit. As he announced doing his first AMA since releasing Palaces, the fans asked him some questions relating to his favorite distortion plugins, euroracks, and how he made a certain sound. Have a look down below and find out what Flume’s studio secrets are:


  • Favorite all-time plugin: Sylenth1
  • Synth used in making road to Alaska: iZotope Iris layered with Sylenth1
  • Favorite distortion plugin: Audio Damage Tri
  • How the drop lead of Rushing Back was made: Roli equator VST and Arturia beatstep pro
  • What do you use euroracks for: some eurorack bleeps on “Say Nothing”, “I have fun with modular stuff but don’t get much done”
  • What reverb VST plugins do you use on drums and synths: I am lazy and use Ableton verb, Valhalla (if I am feeling fancy)
  • How do you process drums: Clipping distortion or tape saturation
  • Favorite current VST: Slate and Ash – Cycles
  • If you were on a desert island and could take: 1 drum/beats pack (drums overkill), 1 synth (Sylenth1), 1 type of food (chicken nuggets)


Head over to the full AMA link right here in order to keep in touch with the latest updates around Flume.

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Image Credits: Unsplash (Austin Neill)

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