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Focusrite FAST Bundle- Serious Savings on Powerful AI

Focusrite has been a staple in music tech for well over 20 years, making everything from consoles to keyboards on its way to becoming one of the biggest names in the industry. Just about every musician has at least one Focusrite product in their arsenal, and a new addition to a top bundle means we all need one more- Focusrite FAST Bundle, now with the new FAST Limiter, instantly takes your sound to the next level.


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Part of Focusrite’s “The Collective”, the FAST Bundle consists of five AI-enabled plugins (Limiter, Equaliser, Compressor, Reveal, and Verb) designed to quickly and easily optimize your sound.


  • FAST Limiter– The new kid on the block, FAST Limiter adapts the overall sound of your track to fit either a Modern, Neutral, or Aggressive style. Perfect for getting your songs ready for streaming services, Limiter builds the foundation so you can go in and apply the finishing touches. Sound like your favorite artists with Reference Mastering, or customize as much as you like in Detailed View.


  • FAST Equaliser Far more than your standard EQ, FAST Equaliser learns your track inside and out to give you custom controls to put your mix together. Choose Warm, Neutral, or Bright character and adjust the tailor-made sliders to craft your ideal sound.


  • FAST Compressor– This comp starts out by automatically squeezing your sound to the most suitable settings, giving you the perfect starting point for your own fine-tuning. Choose FAST View for quick precision, or dive into Detailed View to get as deep as you like.


  • FAST Reveal– Automatically identify your main (background) and sidechain (foreground) signals and immediately duck only the frequencies that are causing issues. Choose between Light, Balanced, and Heavy to space your mix as your song calls for.


  • FAST Verb– The right reverb, every time- FAST Verb listens and learns to apply reverb according to the audio’s unique qualities. Flavor it Neutral, Balanced, or Artificial, and choose the instrument profile you need; enter Detailed view to tweak Color, Clarity, Modulation, and more.


I’ve personally always been a bit wary of AI plugins, but the entire FAST series has given me plenty of reason to change my mind- setup is painless, and all five of the plugins are just as quick as advertised, taking mere seconds to give a whole new perspective on a track. Each one is endowed with a beautiful and highly intuitive display, cleverly visualizing the given effect as it molds your sound, with Verb and Compressor in particular being among the most well designed plugins I’ve ever seen. If you’re ready to make AI work for you, FAST is a wonderful place to start.


Focusrite FAST Bundle is available for purchase on the Focusrite’s The Collective official web page; the typical list price is $359.85, which you can pay all at once or over the course of 15 months at a rate of $23.99 a month. It’s important to note that the company offers a HUGE discount for Focusrite and Novation registered hardware customers. Qualified buyers save over 60% off, for a price of $124.99 or $8.33 over 15 months.


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Image Credit: Focusrite (Press)