best fx & glitch sample packs

Top 10 FX (effects) & Glitch Sample Packs

The quality of modern music productions is set at a very high level, in both musicality and sound design. Every sound from famous analog synthesizers has been used and resampled in so many ways, resulting in an overall recognizable sound. Uniqueness is key, that’s why we’ve listed 10 unique sample packs for you down below. These 10 FX & Glitch sample packs are holding up to a large catalog of unique samples.

Best FX (effects) & Glitch Sample Packs


1. Cinematic Sound FX Volume 3 by Ghosthack

Emphasize, extortionate, and accentuate your cinematic creativity with Cinematic Sound FX Vol. 3. Ghosthack gathered the best hard-hitting war drums, tension strings, and dramatic fx and put them into this 2.56 GB-sized file. Over 700 high-quality sounds are included that will strengthen your sample catalog. Expect wooshes, risers, impacts, horror FX sounds, foley FX sounds, and downlifters.


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2. Vocal FX by Turbo Samples

Tubo Samples curated 100 vocal FX samples and 12 bonus loops for this first volume. Looking for high-quality vocal samples for Tech House, Deep House, and techno, then you’re at the right place. Expect vocal shouts, adlibs, and one-shots at 44.1 kHz, 24-bit WAV. Add the End Year Bundle 2021 to your basket and get 15% off at the checkout.



3. Woulg – Glitch by Billegal Sounds

This Woulg – Glitch sample pack holds up to the title of Billegal Sounds’ tenth artists series entry. This sound designer, producer, and plugin developer called Woulg picked his best glitch sounds while forming this sample pack. All of his 256 included samples are available on Splice, categorized into FX, glitches, textures, impacts, fills, drones, granular, beeps, and much more.


4. Sitar FX by Zenhiser

Surround yourself in a mystical world while exploring a catalog filled with ancient sounds from India. Sitar FX holds up to 4 GB of sounds, suitable for a broad range of genres. Included within are a total of 297 rhythmic and non-rhythmic elements that are BPM labeled. Spark your creativity while using this Sitar sample pack and bring your listener into an imaginary world.


5. Glitch by Audiotent

Audiotent took percussive loops with tight transients as a starting point for their sample pack. After a complex chain of modular processing, they came up with the theme behind Glitch. This sample pack holds up to 107 modular percussion loops, usable as background layers in order to enhance the overall energy. All of the loops are recorded at 124 BPM in 44.1 kHz, 24-bit WAV.


6. Ear Candy FX Toolkit by Black Octopus

Black Octopus covers every genre with their Ear Candy FX sample pack. Ambient FX, FX one-shots, impacts, risers, stabs, sub drops, sweeps, reverse FX, rhythmic drones & risers are all included in this FX sample pack. This pack’s content holds up to 180 samples divided into 10 different categories. Seeking ambiance in your tracks? Ear Candy will sort you out with some interesting sounds.


7. Glitch & Stutter FX by W.A. Productions

Glitch & Stutter FX can be used for genres such as drum & bass, cinematic, and dubstep. W.A. Productions created analog FX sounds suitable for every music production. Included within are: 20 Beat FX, 5 Zap FX, 3 Tone FX, 154 Click FX, 130 Glitch FX, and 34 Stutter FX. All of the loops and one-shots are 100% royalty-free to use. Get your hands on this plugin and get Future House Mega Pack 2 for free.


8. Fissure – Glitch Drum Samples by ModeAudio

In total there are 435 drum samples included categorized into kicks, snares, hi-hats, percussions, toms, glitch SFX, and sampler patches. Expect robotic percussions, snappy hi-hats, distorted glitch samples, tights snares, and solid kicks. Many bit crushers and spectral effects have been used during the pre-mix process in order to achieve the sound ModeAudio imagined.


9. Revealed FXs Tools V1 by Revealed Recordings

Hardwell’s imprint Revealed Recordings compiled their best signature FX samples into their first volume. Expect 130 samples including downlifters, alarms, sub drops, pops, impacts, and vinyl & scratches. As an addition to these samples, they’ve added an extra 32 FX presets for Sylenth1 to the pack. Use the presets 1-on1 in your productions or start sculpting your own FX sound, building on top of a solid foundation.


10. Revealed FXs Tools V2 by Revealed Recordings

As a follow-up to V1, Revealed Recordings released their second FX sample pack. Included within are signature samples from artists signed at Revealed Recordings. Discover a range of 19 different FX samples and 32 different Spire presets as you’re opening this 449 MB-sized sample pack. Different sound effects have been added to this second volume, such as airplanes, wind-ups, whistles, vocal stutters, metronomes, and even farts.


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