Genelec 8381A SAM

Genelec introduces its 8381A Smart Active Monitoring speaker

Finnish speaker manufacturer Genelec is celebrating 45 years of success as a leader and innovator in the field and has now announced a brand new speaker in honor of the occasion.  Their latest offering is looking to expand upon the technology featured in the company’s The Ones range and help create an even more impressive sonic experience.

As Genelec has seen success with its The Ones lineup of products, the announcement of the 8381A Smart Active Monitor looks to expand upon the technology while addressing user concerns from previous models.  As a floor-standing unit, the new speaker will be able to intelligently adapt to any acoustic environment and is redesigned to better control the low end within the space.  The Managing Director of Genelec, Siamäk Naghian spoke about the new upgrades and attention to detail placed upon the 8381A:

“The demand for high quality free-standing full-range monitoring systems has been clear from the exceptional response to The Ones and W371A combination. It was also evident that there was a desire from customers for a free-standing system that could deliver even more headroom and increased low-frequency extension. And while we continue to offer a wide range of soffit-mounting main monitors, we’re confident that the flexibility and mobility of a floor-standing adaptive system like the 8381A will provide the perfect solution for any discerning user seeking a truly next-generation sonic reference.” 

To further help ensure the accuracy and clarity of the new design, Genelec has also ensured that the company’s GLM management software, which provides the ability to calibrate the system, is fully integrated with the new unit.  The software also helps engineers and producers properly treat their own space through the GRADE Room Report, which provides insight into acoustic treatments and speaker placements.

Get all the details and specs on the brand new 8381A SAM speaker system at the official Genelec website.

Image Credit: Genelec

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