Genelec announces release of GLM 4.1

Studio monitor manufacturer Genelec recently announced GLM 4.1, an update to their loudspeaker manager software GLM in celebration of 15 years since the publication of the first version of the program. GLM is a calibration software for studio monitors and is used as a sonic reference. The software is used among audio engineers across the world, not only for music but also for video game sound design and audiovisual production.


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Image Credit: Genelec

GLM 4.1 contains new features that allow the user to more accurately calibrate the monitors in their studio and at a faster speed than ever before. The new AutoCal 2 feature obtains detailed information from each monitor in a system to create a distinction between reflected and direct sound. Genelec also implemented new 64 bit code to boost calibration speeds. The update increased the number of EQ filters which lets the user be more creative and accurately polish their sound. The software includes a new Solo-X mode that allows the user to solo out selected monitors when mixing their sounds so that only certain frequencies can be heard from those speakers and can be perfectly edited to their liking.

To calibrate a sound system using GLM, the user must be using a GLM network adapter, Smart Active Monitors, a reference microphone, and a computer or laptop that can launch the software. All of these are essential for GLM to fully function, especially the reference microphone. The reference microphone is used to measure the room and is used to calibrate the monitors after it is finished measuring the acoustics.

Image Credit: Genelec

Genelec releasing GLM 4.1 is a major step forward in sonic referencing and a beneficial tool for studio engineers to perfect their mix. With the newly added features of faster calibration time and pinpoint accuracy of a room’s acoustics, GLM 4.1 makes mixing a highly fun and immersive experience.

Check out an overview of GLM 4.1 below.

Featured Image Credit: Genelec

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