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MusicLM: Google-made AI model that creates music from text

Google is known as the most prominent search engine on this planet, but they didn’t leave it there. New developments, such as Google Assistant and Google Next, offered the customer a new approach to their user-friendly workflow. You’ve probably heard of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and how it’s currently conquering the world. Well, Google decided to incorporate AI into their network resulting in a new model that creates music for you.


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Online, there are many sites that offer different kinds of AI-based products, such as vocals, but Google took it a step further. MusicLM is a model that generates music through text. You simply describe what you want to hear and the AI does the job for you. There are different ways of describing what you’re demanding, down below are some examples:

  • “A fusion of reggaeton and electronic dance music, with a spacey, otherworldly sound. Induces the experience of being lost in space, and the music would be designed to evoke a sense of wonder and awe, while being danceable.”
  • “Meditation song played next to a river.”
  • “Mozart symphony25 – whistling.”

You can choose whether you want to generate a 5-minute piece of music or 30 seconds of musical content at 24kHz. As if that wasn’t enough, Google implemented a painting caption condition. Grab your favorite painting. For instance, the famous Napoleon Crossing the Alps, paste the description of the painting and Google will come up with an appropriate piece of music. Type in anything you want and it will deliver interesting music compositions.

Currently, there isn’t any timetable for MusicLM to be made available to the public. It’s specified as a developer’s tool and not a standalone program.

Have a closer look down below:

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Image Credit: Mitchell Luo (Unsplash)

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