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Google Arts & Culture release a new exhibit called “Music, Makers & Machines”

Google Arts & Culture’s new project “Music, Makers & Machines, A Brief History Of Electronic Music” is about the history of electronic music and the makers of the most iconic synthesizers. They teamed up with 58 partners from all around the world and made this amazing collection of 360° tours, 3D scans, pictures, and videos of pioneering places, innovators, stories, and synthesizers. 

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Google’s Arts & Culture came up with Virtual Synthesizer AR that allows you to view, play and explore 5 famous synthesizers in augmented reality on your smartphone or 3D from your computer. The Moog Memorymoog, ARP Odyssey, Fairlight CMI, Akai S900, and Roland CR-78 come with a step sequencer and simple explanations for each knob and be ready to spend a couple of hours because it’s addictive.


Other things you can do are choosing between 4 “adventures”  


  1. Total Novice (beginners guide to electronic music) where you can find the history of film scoring, some of the most memorable electronic tracks, pioneers of electronic synthesizers like Leon Theremin and Bob Moog, and various places that helped define the genre. 
  2. At the club will take you through the nightlife and culture, including information about Queer pioneers, 25 Women who defined UK youth culture, Illegal raves, and underground clubs. 
  3. Just Here for the music section contains information and music from some of the most innovative artists of modern-day electronic music. 
  4. The Tech Nerd section contains a bunch of information about studios, the machines, and their creators. You can discover everything about the birth of Moog Synthesizers, the ARP, and a lot more within this category. 


There is also a free PDF that has lesson plans for teachers and students.


Check out the complete Google’s Arts & Culture exhibit here.

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