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NAMM 2022: Groove Synthesis announces the 3rd Wave Synthesizer

The NAMM 2022 show, which happened from June 3rd until June 5th, witnessed many top music brands showcase their new and finest products. One of them was the release of Groove Synthesis’ newest synthesizer. On May 27th, the hardware development company introduced the world to ‘The 3rd Wave’ through a YouTube video. New & exciting features are included in the newest product and we’re excited to tell you all about them.


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Groove Synthesis took the classic PPG Wave synthesizer as inspiration while developing this new synthesizer. During a 5 minute-long YouTube video you’ll catch a glimpse of its appearance and performance. Its blue interface is similar to the PPG Wave synth but holds on to many additional features. It is stacked with 3 oscillators where you can choose between a classic PPG-era wavetable, a modern wavetable, or an analog wave shape per oscillator. Explore the 4-part multi-tribal performance: ‘having four independent 6-voice synthesizers at your fingertips.’ A range of analog filters are equipped, as well as up 24-voice polyphony. Have the freedom to create up to 64 custom wavetables with the 3rd Wave’s WaveMaker Tool and connect any audio source to the synthesizer and start generating a wavetable straight away. For all of our sound designers, Groove Synthesis implemented a section of many features to sculpt your sound into anything imaginable. A full matrix including 16 modulation slots, sequencer, dual effects, 4 LFOs with delay & 4 envelopes, and a 6-stage wave envelope are available. This linear FM-based synthesizer holds on to a promising perspective and we’re curious about the full exhibition of this piece of gear during the upcoming NAMM 2022 show


Meet The 3rd Wave:



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Image Credits: Groove Synthesis


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