Hainbach x Bram Bos Fluss app

Fluss synthesizer by Hainbach x Bram Bos

With the introduction of analog gear in electronic music, the development of better-sounding technology continues to grow and expand. The accessibility to musical instruments, especially digital instruments, is higher than ever. We’re able to make music anywhere, at any time, on any device. Logic pro’s little brother, Garageband, has made the first step in order to access music on tablets and smartphones. Now you can dive a little deeper into the sound design aspect of music production with the introduction of the new Fluss synthesizer app for iOS.


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Fluss is the outcome of a partnership between the German composer and performer, Hainbach, and plugin developer Bram Bos. Stefan Paul Goetsch (Hsinbach) is internationally well-known for his experimental shifting ambient recordings, made with the use of many different synthesizers and effects processors. All of the sounds he uses come straight from out-of-the-box pieces of gear. His knowledge of sound design and synthesis has been combined with the knowledge of plugin development by Bram Bos, resulting in this granular synthesizer and effects processing tool.

Their granular synthesizer only runs on iOS devices and as an AUv3 plugin for your favorite DAW. Use Fluss as an addition to your live performances or as a standalone plugin to process your in-the-box creations. You are the modulator and its kinetic interface gives you the possibility to create anything. Its layout has multiple different sections at which you can control every little detail of the created grains. First of all, you can import any WAV file and use that as the sound source. Its waveform will be displayed as a track file and you can jump to any point in the file. Start experimenting with the audio file by dialing in up to 3 different grain voices. Choose between multiple different filter types and control the resonance, cutoff and dry/wet. Fluss holds onto different kinetic sliders and pads, linked to a physics model, which gives you the freedom to gently dial in the right effect or to throw them around. Control the pitch, filter, panning, scan speed, grain levels, and different grains with a flick of your finger. Besides the normal scale, you can dive a little deeper into the sound design section by using the unquantized mode and the Scala import (in order to get control of the grains at a micro level).

The Hainbach x Bram Bos’s Fluss is available in the Apple Store for $13.99.

Have a closer look at the performance of this tool:

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