best halloween deals on plugins 2021

Best Halloween 2021 deals on VST & AU Plugins for music producers

October 31, the day we celebrate Halloween. A day where we not only feast, dress up, and wander the streets, but also profit from some of the best sales going on various different products in the market. Like every year, we arrange a list with the best deals for music production. Down below you’ll find the best Halloween 2021 deals on VST/AU plugins.



Best Halloween 2021 deals on VST & AU Plugins for music producers

1. Kilohearts Halloween sale – Flat 50% off single effects

Kilohearts probably have an effect vst/au plugin for every single tool you might require during your music production process. Their easy-to-use plugins are well recognized among music producers and now is a great time to grab some of their single effects catering to the lucrative 50% discount.



2. UJAM Finisher Dynamo Sale (50% OFF)

Finisher DYNAMO has over 50 inbuilt audio effect configurations built from 27 different algorithms – from Step Filters to Multiband Distortion, from simple Delays to Convolution Reverb, and many more! Add this on vocals, drums, bassline, synths, and Dynamo will breathe life into these sounds. Currently available for 50% off for a limited time.



3. UJAM Finisher RETRO Sale (60% OFF)

If you are looking for adding that retro classic touch to your sounds, UJAM Finisher RETRO plugin is the right one for you. Through 50 modes and 100 individual presets, you can use the classic reverbs, delays, tubes, tape hiss, and flangers right away. Add subtle glue to your sound source or drive the plugin to straight distortion. Currently available for 60% of Plugin Boutique’s Halloween Sale.



4. KOMPLETE Classics Collection Sale (80% OFF)

This collection includes NI’s finest plugins such as Replika, Massive, FM8, and Absynth 5. These award-winning synths are powerful and can be perfectly used for any kind of genre. This collection is available at a price of $99.


5. iZotope Neoverb Sale (68% OFF)

Neoverb is an intelligent reverb plugin for music production. Through the built-in AI-powered EQ you don’t have to worry about a muddy mix afterward or the addition of artifacts. It will listen to the incoming signal and apply the right amount of reverb. Save time and improve your workflow as Neoverb does the job for you.


6. MDrummer by MeldaProduction (50% OFF)

MeldaProduction has been putting their complete collection of vst & au plugins in this Halloween sale, including MDrummer. This plugin is an ultimate drum machine that arranges drums for you in order to optimize your workflow and live performances. Expect electric drums, organic percussions, and acoustic toms within 1 plugin.


7. Softube October Sale (💡 60% OFF)

Plugins such as the AMP room, Model 72 synthesizer, FET compressor, transient shaper, spring reverb, and many more are available for almost half of the money. Everything you need in music production to process or create your next track is right at your fingertips. Have a look at their website to see which plugins are included.



8. iZotope RX 9 Introductory Sale (75% OFF)

This huge sale by iZotope covers everything around the iZotope RX 9 and RX Post Production Suite 6. Dozens of sales, starting at $29, are currently available. Make sure to have a look at the deals if you want to buy RX 8, upgrade to RX 9, buy the PPS 5, or upgrade to PPS 6.



9. Glitchmachines Palindrome & Cryogen Sale (87% OFF)

Glitchmachines puts their finest sampler and multi-effects AU & VST plugins into this Halloween special sale. Palindrome is a granular sampler and the Cryogen is a modular effect processing unit. Save up to 87% with his exclusive sale. Both Cryogen and Palindrome are available for €8.84.



10. Expanse 3D by United Plugins (49% OFF)

This space enhancer really adds life to your sounds. Through the use of multiple psychoacoustic effects, your sound will float in 3D space. Make your synths sound wider,  your bass sound deeper, and your drums sound bigger. Expanse 3D is currently available at a price of €99.



11. DiscoDSP Bundle (34% OFF) 

This large bundle, compiled by ADSR, contains every DiscoDSP synthesizer/sampler that’s available. We’re talking about the bliss sampler, Corona VA, Discovery Pro VA, Vertigo, OB-Xd, OPL FM, Phantom, Scope visualizer, and ThrillMe. This DiscoDSP bundle is currently available at a price of $263.34.


12. Voxessor by United Plugins (43% OFF)

Use Voxessor to add character to vocals, let it cut through the mix, and control the balance. The built-in automatic volume feature will restore volume imperfections for you. Perfect plugin if you want to process your voice-over vocals and lead vocals. Voxessor is available for €65.55.



13. Instacomposer (70% OFF)

Instacomposer is a MIDI generation plugin that will create the perfect melodies, harmonies, and riffs based on your preferences. Its artificial intelligence will help you on building chords and melodies. Drag and drop the MIDI from Instacomposer straight into your DAW for ultimate ease of use. Instacomposer has 70% off, available for $29.70.



14. Complextro for Babylon (60% OFF)

This expansion for Babylon contains a total of 140 presets, including 10 pad presets, 20 pluck presets, 40 lead presets, and 70 bass presets. Expect a large number of interesting and creative sounds. These can be perfectly used for any kind of genre but especially for trap music. Complextro is available for only $8.



15. Future Rave for InstaChord (50% OFF)

This genre conquered the world since 2019, with David Guetta and Morten as its founders. The gritty synths, energetic melodies, and deep basses are forming this new wave, called Future Rave. InstaChord has come up with this expansion to create the typical Future Rave melodies from scratch. Use the 50 included presets in order to create that powerful hook together with InstaChord. This expansion is available for $5.



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