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Review: Hand Clap Studio – VST Plugin by Robotic Bean

Plugin manufacturer Robotic Bean came out with Hand Clap Studio in 2019, Now, you may ask yourself  “do I really need a plugin for handclaps?” and Hand Clap Studio sure makes a convincing case for you to agree.



The VST plugin offers high-quality hand clap samples recorded pristinely in the Atlantis Studio with up to 5 velocity layers and round robins for each sample to make it as authentic and natural as possible.

You have full control over the samples, select the number of clap samples you want simultaneously with up to 8 possible at a single time, two mic options, condenser, and ribbon. Apply EQ and compression straight from the plugin so the claps fit right in your mixes. You also get stereo and panning controls along with the looseness control which controls how sloppy your claps sound. If that’s not enough you also get a built-in 16 Step Sequencer to program your claps with the ability to add accents to the rhythm with MIDI input capability for full control.


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Hand Clap Studio VST plugin by Robotic Bean is available at a price of $49.00



This plugin is an amalgamation of quality samples with great control options and is extremely easy to use. Hand Claps are hard to program to sound natural and fit the mix, this plugin does an amazing job to streamline the process so you can make music faster. If natural claps are something you use a lot in your productions then this is a no-brainer. Also, Disclosure are big fans can you get a higher endorsement than that?




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