Damage Guitars

Heavyocity releases new collection of samples, ‘Damage Guitars”

With the return of guitar-driven productions to the mainstream, producers will be on the lookout for high-quality samples and sound to litter their own works with.  Heavyocity is looking to fill that void with its brand-new sound library that focuses on a carefully curated collection of sounds from the six-stringed instrument.

TItled Damage Guitars, this brand-new collection from Heavyocity offers producers a wide range of samples from the world’s most iconic guitar brands and models.  The new Kontakt instrument comes full of production-ready sample riffs, as well as the ability to craft new melodies and ideas, with complete control over tones and pedal effects, ensuring a sound that is both realistic and fully customizable.  Heavyocity further explains the power and scope of the new release here:

Drawing from Heavyocity Co-Founder Neil Goldberg’s extensive background as a former touring metal guitarist, this expansive virtual instrument has been constructed using his diverse and impressive collection of legendary electric guitars including “custom shop” Gibson, PRS, Fender, Jackson, and Ernie Ball. Processed and sculpted with an eclectic lineup of guitar pedals that were fed through five iconic tube amplifiers to guarantee a tone, vibe, and attitude that is true production-ready quality. After each instrument had been pristinely recorded, they were further processed with Heavyocity’s supercharged signal chain, delivering a massive dose of guitar wizardry. To elevate this already stellar collection, the Heavyocity team meticulously recorded bass tracks that perfectly match each guitar riff, providing score-ready bass tones that further intensify the force of these driving riffs.

With over 1200 sources, all housed in a powerful, intuitive engine, Damage Guitars covers the gamut, offering a groundbreaking array of ferocious riffs, sparkling clean tones, and exciting transitional elements, in a playable, intuitive, and flexible format brought right to your fingertips.

Damage Guitars is currently available at the introductory price of just $199, a $50 savings from its retail value.

Image Credit: Heavyocity

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