izotope music production suite 6

iZotope drops their hot new music production suite

Audio software company iZotope has announced the launch of Music Production Suite 6, the latest version of their all-in-one mixing and mastering bundle. The new suite includes updated versions of several iZotope audio plugins.


At the core, you’ve got the newest editions of iZotope’s flagship software like Ozone 11 Advanced, Nectar 4 Advanced, and Guitar Rig 7 Pro. For mastering gurus, Ozone 11 now rocks innovative tools like Clarity, Stem Focus, and Upward Compress so you can add that last layer of studio magic. If flawless vocals are your thing, Nectar 4 has cutting-edge new toys like Vocal Assistant to take your mixes to the next level. And for inner guitar heroes, Guitar Rig 7 Pro equips you with a virtual rig loaded with amps and effects pedals to unleash immersive guitar tones.


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On top of the core plugins, Music Production Suite 6 piles on creativity accelerators like Tonal Balance Control and VocalSynth 2… and even throws in some bonus effects from Brainworx and Native Instruments for good measure. Honestly, iZotope has packed this suite with so many production weapons you might need to clear some hard drive space beforehand.


The suite is available via both subscription and one-time purchase models. It marks iZotope’s latest move in consolidating its diverse audio plugins into bundled solutions for music production.


Some industry observers view it as a response to competitive pressure from rivals offering their own plugin bundles. However, early feedback is positive among target users of producers, mixers, and mastering engineers.



Image credits: iZotope

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