jonas aden vst plugin biggifier

Jonas Aden releases new plugin Biggifier

Jonas Engelschiøn Mjåset, better known as Jonas Aden, is a Norwegian DJ/Producer who gained a massive fan following as a result of his outstanding music and his youtube channel where he shares insights into his production process with his viewers. Jonas Aden has millions of streams on Spotify with his record releases on major labels like Heldeep, Hexagon, and Musical Freedom under his belt. On February 11, Jonas Aden announced his first very own plugin, during a premiere on his YouTube channel, called ‘Biggifier’.


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Biggifier vst plugin cites improving sound design as its basic foundation. Achieving a fuller, bigger, and more professional sounding mix with just 1 plugin. It contains saturation, stereo spreading, expander, slap delay, reverb, doubling, distortion, limiting, compression, chorus, and a transient shaper to accomplish a full effects chain. It contains 3 big knobs and a mode section with the intention of replacing multiple plugins. The bigness knob is functioning as a dry/wet at which 100% is treating the incoming signal the most and vice versa. The length and mix features are adding spring reverb and slap delay, while the mode feature lets you choose between different modes suitable for different sounds. If you want to drag and drop Biggifier vst on any sound and start right away you’ll be able to choose between different presets made for guitars, bass, drums, synths, and vocals. The plugin already got support from The Chainsmokers, Seeb, Brooks, Curbi, Mood Melodies (Grammy-nominated producer), and many more.

Jonas Aden’s first vst plugin Biggifier is currently available at a price of $39.99 but you’ll be able to get 40% off on the plugin for a limited period of time.


See this plugin in action down below.

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Image Credit: Jonas Aden

- DJ/Producer from the Netherlands. - Graduated from the Conservatory in Amsterdam. - Currently working as the technical writer at We Rave You

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