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Review: Juicebox Multi-Effects Plugin

Juicebox by Danny Majic & TNTXD is a one-of-a-kind plugin to get effects and bring life to your music quickly and easily. Danny Majic and TNTXD have a very diverse discography that includes production and engineering credits in some of the biggest records from Eminem, Pop Smoke, and David Guetta among many others. Juicebox was developed to bring producers a simplified workflow and creative effects they would normally achieve with multiple plugins. It can be used on almost any component of the track including vocals, instruments, drums, and so on.



First things first, the plugin by itself looks very interesting. You have 4 colored juice boxes for filter, spread, space, and echo. Under these boxes, you will find a saturation slider and a depth boost knob, which is in direct connection with the Spread juice box. Juicebox explains itself and with just one look you can oversee the possibilities and effects you can use.


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You can add some reverb and movement to your sounds with the boxes Space and Echo. The depth boost enhances the sound even more and allows you to write music quicker and better. In addition, the Juicebox plugin is also great for mixing different sounds and instruments. This simple yet effective plugin opens up a whole bunch of possibilities for creative decisions. You can put the Juicebox plugin on your Drums and create some automation with the Filter box. On Instruments like Keys or Guitars, the Juicebox shines with its Spread box, to get them out of the way of Vocals and Drums. With one plugin you can then do the job of 4 and save some CPU as well.


All in all, Juicebox is the go-to plugin for producers who love to have a quick and easy workflow with a professional-sounding result. It CPU friendly and creates just the right sound in mixing, writing, and creative moments. It’s now available for 49 dollars on Juicebox.



Image credits: Juice box

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