korg drumlogue

Korg announces new analogue-digital drum machine

Long-established tech wizards Korg have a six-decade track record of making electronic instruments, and it seems they aren’t slowing down. Teasing their latest product on their Youtube channel, the Japanese company’s latest invention is the analog-digital hybrid drum machine called the drumlogue. For now, it’s just a prototype, but with Korg having already released the Prologue and a range of Minilogue synths, it stands to reason this might be on sale pretty soon.


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So what are the headlines? Well, firstly it’s got a bunch of analog sounds and a digital interface, the hybrid approach giving a sound reminiscent of Roland’s legendary TR series of drum machines that still form the backbone of most dance music today, whether it’s via original units or 3rd party samples. There’s a “performance-oriented interface” which suggests the unit is aimed at live musicians, a feature that will surely lend it well to the techno crowd. There’s a rich FX section, individually assignable outputs, and in line with the rest of the logue series, there’ll be an SDK available which allows users to load up custom samples and other 3rd party content.

If that’s something that appeals to you, then it’s certainly worth keeping an eye out for further developments, and you can check out a sneak-preview of the Korg drumlogue below.