KSHMR Reverb

KSHMR releases his newest reverb plugin

KSHMR is a DJ/Producer, songwriter, musician, and label owner of Dharma. His heavy drops and uplifting melodies, with a touch of Asian influences, have put him at the forefront of dance music since 2014. Whether you attended some of his live performances or you’re a fan of his music, you’ll be impressed by the quality of his music. Many tutorials, Q&As, and track breakdowns by the man himself can be found online, but this new plugin will instantly add character to your songs. Catch a glimpse of the new KSHMR reverb plugin.


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Years of experience with different reverb tools are now available within just one plugin. Its resizable vector interface is responsive and user-friendly. The layout can be divided into 2 sections: traditional and character. Traditional reverb controls can be found at the top including diffusion, pre-delay, width, length, reverb volume, size, modulation depth, modulation speed, and a de-esser. These controls speak for themself but at the bottom, you’ll find the character reverb controls which take the standard reverb effect to a higher level. Set the right ducking threshold and gate threshold in order to get the most out of the effect. The volume manager will control the sculpting of the reverb where you can decide whether you want to use full-duck, fade-in, or gate. All of these 3 parameters are equipped with an additional release feature.


Dial in soft transients if you want to achieve a washed-out sound and be able to reset the reverb from previous chords once you enable the tonal reset feature. Ramp up the reverb tail by dialing in the reverse feature and even add a +1 or -1 harmony octave to thicken the timbre. Use the EQ section to clean up the effect. There are a total of 3 different reverb types: hall, plate, and spring, and a vast range of different presets that are suitable for drums, synths, vocals, chords, and much more.


KSHMR Reverb is available now at the Dharma Worldwide store. The original price of the plugin is $49.99 and it is currently available at a discounted price of $19.99.




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Image Credits: Dharma Worldwide

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