uses artificial intelligence to extract vocals and instrumentals from any track

Artificial Intelligence is a word you can’t ignore in this day and age, as it is getting its way into every industry, now you can find some good use of it in the music industry as well. is a new online-based service that uses artificial intelligence to split stems into vocal or instrumental tracks, it has been online since 2020.


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The new source separation neural network, Cassiopeia, the successor of Rocknet, has some amazing capabilities and is more precise and clean than its predecessor Rocknet. It has been trained with an immense amount of data and it also takes a bit longer than Rocknet but will extract vocals and instrumentals much better. Rocknet uses frequency and amplitude to make the separation of sounds, and Cassiopeia does the same but has added some extra features, it takes into consideration the phase component of the input signal and will generate less unpleasant artifacts, effects, and will sound less dry. 

How to use

It is really simple to use, first you go to and click on “Select File” or drag it and drop it, then you have to choose the algorithm and process from – Mild, Normal to Aggressive. The AI takes control from here and after that, you will see previews of vocals and instruments and you can choose the ones that sound best.

Cost of Service’s service is free if you are processing a maximum of 10 minutes of audio. If you wish to split more than 10 minutes of audio into stems, you will need to subscribe to one of their available plans. Alternatively, if you are looking for plugins that can extract vocals & instrumentals out of an audio file, iZotope RX 8 is probably the most famous plugin for this matter. Also, do check out the video down below for a complete review of



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