LALAL.AI vocal remover

LALAL.AI vocal remover: High-powered AI stem splitting

Removing vocals (or any sort of stem splitting) has always been a very tough process. Whether you were trying to take samples from someone else’s song or just looking for a good tool to help with remixes, stem splitting was once an inexact science full of trial and error. Advancements in technology have made it easier than ever, thankfully, and you can now get your stems just by visiting a website! Enter LALAL.AI Vocal Remover, the world’s first AI splitter that is able to remove up to eight stems from audio and videos.


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Comprised of specialists in artificial intelligence, machine learning, mathematical optimization, and digital signal processing, the team at LALAL.AI is committed to helping make life easier for musicians, artists, and creatives. The state-of-the-art technology behind this must-try plugin is 100% proprietary and boasts the most precise and accurate sound quality among a software of its kind. It’s a wide-ranging and powerful tool, able to extract eight different kinds of stems (vocals, backtracks, piano, bass, drums, acoustic guitar, electric guitar, and synth) from a given audio track or video


The LALAL.AI vocal remover is available from their official website under three tiers: 


  • Free, which gives you ten minutes at up to 50MB per file without charge
  • Lite, which for a one-time fee of $15, gives you 90 minutes at up to 2 GB 
  • Plus, at $50, which gives you 300 minutes at up to 2 GB. 

LALAL.AI also provides business solutions for large-scale operations. 


It’s a quick and easy way to get your stems ready for whatever kind of project you’re working on, and with the free ten minutes you get to start, it’s an absolute no-brainer to check it out. Click the button below to see more specs before you give it a try!




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Image Credit: LALAL.AI (Press)