Lamprey Master Bundle: Ridiculous savings on quality instruments

Lamprey, the shadowy figure behind the hidden gem that is Instruments by Lamprey, makes high-quality, great-sounding instruments while adhering to his principles of practicality, uniqueness, and affordability. To the delight of producers everywhere, they’ve made the choice to put their most complete (and already rather cost-effective) bundle on sale. The Lamprey Master Bundle, with 20 instruments, is 33% off for a limited time.


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To say this bundle is complete is not an exaggeration- every single instrument Lamprey makes and sells on their website comes included. All of the paid ones (the download also contains the company’s free software) are listed below, with a link to their specific page:



The Lamprey Master Bundle is available on Lamprey’s website for AUD $99 ($66.56 US dollars, €66.35, or £58.23), down from its original price of AUD $150. Valued at a total of AUD $290, this extraordinary bargain won’t last forever. As a matter of fact, we’re not even sure how long it’ll be up! The product webpage says it best:

“This Won’t Last…

I’m not sure how long I can realistically keep this offer available.

If you’ve ever thought about picking up some new instruments, now is the time – this deal may not be here tomorrow…”

With that in mind, this is the perfect time for Lamprey fans to get their hands on his entire collection. Don’t hesitate!


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Image credit: Lamprey