Soundtoys Little Radiator

Little Radiator by Soundtoys currently available for FREE

We can safely say that the plugins made by Soundtoys are among the most professional plugins out there. Their Echoboy, Decapitator, Panman, and Little Alterboy are well-known within the industry and used by the biggest artists at the moment. Amid their catalog of excellent distortion units, you can find a replica of a classic tool. I’m talking about the Soundtoys Little Radiator, and I’m happy to tell you that this one is currently available for FREE.


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Little Radiator is modeled after the classic Altec 1566A tube pre-amp. The original piece of gear has always been used to add warmth and grittiness through harmonic distortion to vocals, guitars, drums, and basses. You can add subtle distortion to the sound source in order to add shininess or drive the tubes to the max to shake the modesty off of it. The plugin features 2 knobs and 2 switches that can change your sound drastically. Dial in the heat to overdrive the tubes- the more you crank this up, the more distortion will be added to the incoming signal.

Control the overall amount of distortion by using the mix knob. Dialing to the left you’ll get a dry signal while dialing to the right you’ll get more distortion. By flipping the bias switch, you will add a sort of gate effect to the signal resulting in a chopping effect- use this feature if you want a more lofi sound. You can even add an extra layer of noise from the original pre-amp. Little Radiator is perfect for adding warmth to any sound to achieve a more 60’s Motown feeling.

Get Soundtoys Little Radiator for free (a $79 value) by using the code HOLIDAYHEAT at the checkout.


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