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Mach 1 and GPU Audio unveil Mach1 Spatial Audio at NAMM 2023

As NAMM 2023 begins in Anaheim, CA, the music industry is focused on what new products, plug-ins, and techniques will derive from the annual gathering of the industry.  One developer unveiled an exciting new line of plug-ins designed to help producers achieve pristine mixes and excellent audio quality through their newly designed spatial audio products.

Mach 1 and GPU Audio came together to design a line of open-platform plug-ins focused on spatial audio workflow and production.  The new line includes four new plug-ins, Mach1 Panner, Mach1 Monitor, Mach1 Transcoder, and the Mach1 VideoPlayer as well as the Mach1 Monitor Control for mobile devices.  Mach 1 utilized the power of GPU Audio to create this new line of products and is meant to provide cross-platform workflow while offering transparent output and controls for spatial audio output.

“Spatial audio is not just a processing effect or feature; it is a new medium,” states Mach1 CEO Jacqueline Bosnjak.

“We are ensuring what has existed for stereo as a medium can also exist for multichannel and spatial audio,” the CEO continues. “Since we all understand stereo and no one owns it, we can collectively develop tools that interface with it properly, which allowed it to thrive as a creative digital medium. Mach1 and GPU Audio are building tools to enable spatial audio to reach its full potential as a new medium where artists and engineers have full creative control”

As of this writing, the products are still in the early stages of demo additions but are available through the Mach 1 website.  Both GPU Audio and Mach1 have said that the products are 100% transparent, and require no additional processing or transmission to simulate the spatial audio thus offering authentic monitoring and mix capabilities.  While users can currently download the free, demo versions of the plug-ins, a series of Mach1 Spatial System Pro-Tier paid plug-ins are also being designed for future release.

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