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Review: Mark Ronson BBC Maestro Masterclass

Mark Ronson released his BBC Maestro masterclass to help aspiring producers and professionals level up their productions. Mark Ronson is a renowned name in the music industry thanks to his enormous discography featuring collaborations with Lady Gaga, Amy Winehouse, Bruno Mars, Robbie Williams, and many more. He has received 7 Grammy awards to date and continues to make a regular appearance at the prestigious award show. This chance to see one of the greatest producers and songwriters creating music and talking about his attempt at production is truly amazing and the course is a great tool to level up your productions.



First things first, the course is divided into 18 lessons and is in total 6 hours long. As soon as you log in, you’ll see the different topics included.

  • Mark’s introduction (1 min long)
  • What makes a great producer (1 min long)
  • Sample based production (22 min long)
  • Serving the song (22 min long)
  • Drums (49 min long)
  • Finding the right mic (7 min long)
  • The power of knowledge (24 min long)
  • Developing Ideas (10 min long)
  • Educate yourself (38 min long)
  • Preparing for a session (11 min long)


The masterclass will walk you through the process of completing a track starting from a blank slate. The masterclass is accustomed for music producers of all stages starting from beginner to professional. If you’re an advanced producer, it gives you the ability to jump around different topics seamlessly.


The masterclass also features in-depth examples from songs such as “Late Night Feelings” by Lykke Li or “Don`t Leave Me Lonely” by Yebba. In addition to the videos, Mark Ronson prepared 48 pages with a detailed guide, which you can use every time in session and you will find it online, as a download, or in the BBC maestro app.


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The course costs £80. Also, you get the option to access all courses on BBC Maestro’s website for £110.


Is the Masterclass worth it? 

The masterclass is a great tool to learn both conventional and unconventional tricks and tips. Not only it will enhance your production on every step but also will help you to write more interesting and creative music. All these tips can be applied to any genre and music style. All in all, this masterclass by Mark Ronson is quite engaging and an amazing learning experience. The additional PDF pages provided also help in getting quick solutions and helpful tricks in studio sessions.


Mark Ronson’s BBC Maestro course on Music Production is available now. Find out more at 




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Image Credits: Pip Cowley