Mark Ronson x Madlib

Mark Ronson x Madlib collaborate together with Coca-Cola

British-American record producer, songwriter, and DJ Mark Ronson joined forces with California-based Hip-Hop producer, rapper, and DJ, Madlib, in order to create an entire album. The thought of this collaboration is already something special, but this isn’t just another regular album- Madlib opened new doors by ensuring a partnership with the beverage production giant Coca-Cola while working on their album.


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Using sampled sounds within new music productions is a natural process within the genre of Hip-Hop. A great example is Lil Nas X’s ‘Old Town Road’ which sampled a well-known guitar part from Nine Inch Nails. A safer approach is using sample sounds and processing them in a way you can’t recognize the original sound or by recording your own sounds. The special partnership between the two musicians and Coca-Cola made it possible to record and use sounds from the beverage giant’s recycling process.

The 7-song record, simply called ‘The Album’, compiles many of the different sounds made in this process. Expect can-opening sounds, pouring Cola, crushing sounds, and much more. Mark and Madlib have proven that anything can be turned into a sample: “clear plastic is to recycling as samples are to making music”. The Album is consisting out of a combination between Hip-Hop and Break Beat tracks with a touch of various sound bits of Coca-Cola. As a campaign of Coca-Cola, you’ll be able to use those recorded sounds and create your own track with them. The album and the beat pack can be found on the Recycled Records website of Coca-Cola.

In the 4-minute promotional video, you’ll catch a glimpse of how the artists processed the recorded sounds. It’s fascinating to see the recycling process and how Mark & Madlib turn these sounds into a full-fledged album. Click here to listen to the album.


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