Mat Zo releases MIDI edit Max for Live Plugin for Ableton

Matan Zohar, better known as Mat Zo, is a UK-based DJ, music producer, composer, and digital tool developer. Ableton’s platform ‘Max for Live’ gives you access to a vast amount of instruments, effects, and tools for music productions, performances, and visuals made by engineers, DJ/producers, or anyone that’s familiar with plugin development. Mat announced his new MIDI editing tool on Max for Live through Twitter and we’re stoked to dive into his creation.


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His previous creations, such as the Groovemapper, Clip Chopper, Macro Randomizer, and Project Optimizer, are primarily focused on workflow improvement. In addition to this range of music production tools, Mat made MZ MIDI Edit. This MIDI tool lets you control every inch of MIDI information straight inside your DAW.

Included features: 
  • Split: Split notes into multiple parts right at the selected point.
  • Join: Join multiple notes into 1 note.
  • De-Quantize: Move notes further away from the grid, where you can select how far by choosing different percentages.
  • Strum-Up: Let your chords function as a guitar strum-up effect.
  • Strum-Down: Let your chords function as a guitar strum-down effect.
  • Decimate: Remove individual small notes within your performance by using decimate, whereas you can select different length percentages.
  • Duplicate Transpose: This function will duplicate your MIDI information and transpose it on how many semitones you choose.
  • Extra MIDI Controls: Use pitch randomization to randomize your chords and use the quantize display to quantize notes to scale.

MZ MIDI Edit is available at a starting price of $10. You’re free to donate more money, in order to support the artist. There are a few things to note about the plugin:

  • Ableton 11.0 and higher only
  • Only works on arrangement clips (not session clips)
  • Doesn’t work when multiple clips are selected

Have a look at the editing tool down below:

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Image Credits: Maxforlive


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