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Interview: Matt Fax discusses recent releases, new label, plugins & more

Matt Fax, a French producer and DJ, has achieved success with his smooth, melodic blend of trance, progressive house, and techno. Since he began releasing music at a young age, he has received support from major DJs such as Armin van Buuren, Above & Beyond, and Ferry Corsten, as well as collaborations with BT and Dezza. David Ciekanski was born in 1996 and grew up listening to classic rock bands like Queen and AC/DC before discovering electronic music and becoming inspired to become a DJ and producer by Tiësto and Joachim Garraud. When he was 13, he began releasing tracks under the name David R., and Laurent Garnier played his early production “Technocolor.” Recently, Matt Fax also launched his own label, “Chromattic”. We recently caught up with the prolific Matt Fax to gain insights into his new label, releases, tech, and more.


Introductory Questions

We Rave You TechYou’ve already got a decade’s worth of experience at only 25 – what was it like entering the scene at such a young age?


Matt: It’s very honoring, to say the least. When I first started, I never thought I’d still be doing it 10 years later. I can’t even realize it’s already been 10 years, time flies!


We Rave You Tech: How has that helped you/shaped you as an artist?


Matt: I think I’ve had the time to warm up and find myself during these 10 years. Now I know what I want to do, and what I don’t want. Sometimes I wish I could erase some parts of my past, but they definitely shaped me as an artist and a human.


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We Rave You Tech: You’ve got a very impressive list of remixes, having put your spin on songs from the likes of Armin, Lane 8, Ferry Corsten, etc. – Who have you not remixed yet or worked with that you would like to?


Matt: I don’t think I have any specific tracks or artists I’d like to remix. If I like the track and I’m getting asked, I’ll do it. When it comes to classics, I’d rather play the original than doing a remix that won’t do justice to it.


We Rave You Tech: Any new remixes on the horizon?


Matt: Not really. I think I’m going to concentrate on original tracks this year. I have a couple of tracks where I’ve made my own personal versions for my sets, but nothing I’m planning to release yet.



We Rave You Tech: Chromattic, your new label, is only a few months old – besides being a vehicle for your own releases, what are your plans for the label going forward?


Matt: That’s all it’s about basically. I don’t plan on making it the next hype label and sign every artist in the world. I want to focus on my music and have a place where I can release whatever I want, whenever I want.



We Rave You Tech: Why the name Chromattic, what does it mean to you?


Matt: To me it represents the variety of music and range of emotions I’ll explore in my releases. Obviously, it’s also a wordplay with Matt, so it makes a clear connection with myself.



We Rave You Tech: What does the brand mean to you? What impression would you like to leave on fans/listeners?


Matt: I think people should look at it as a brand associated with myself.  Right now it’s a label and a radio show, but I’m planning on doing events, merch and a bunch of other things.



We Rave You Tech: Chromattic is off to a strong start with “Energy” – How did that particular song come about?


Matt: Recently I’ve upgraded my studio computer to one of the new M1 Mac and it’s been life changing. For the past 10 years I used to work with a 2012 iMac which was still running well, but I felt it was time to change and upgrade. Besides that I have a Behringer Model D which I use from time to time, all the rest is in-the-box.


Technical Questions


We Rave You Tech:  What’s your dream gear (i.e. something rare or expensive you’d really like to have)


Matt:  I’d love a Prophet 5 or maybe some modular synths, but that wouldn’t be useful as I already have a VST version of them. My next buy is going to be a longer MIDI keyboard I think.


We Rave You Tech: What’s a plugin you can’t live without?


Matt: Oeksound Soothe2 saved my mixes a year ago, I use it every time on the master.


That’s all for the interview with Matt Faxx. Make sure to check out “Energy” which was released on his own label Chromatic down below and follow him on socials to stay updated on his upcoming projects!


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