Physion Mk ll plugin

Meet Physion Mk ll, a Multi-FX plugin

Eventide holds onto a catalog of pedals, plugins, pieces of hardware, broadcast equipment, and controlling software. These tools are designed to achieve a particular goal in music production, but today, we want to talk about one specific product. This digital gadget is promised to add a new dimension to Multi-FX tools, and we want to tell you all about the specifications. Say hello to the Eventide Physion Mk ll plugin.


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Physion Mk ll is perfectly suitable for sound design through its 3-layered engine with the following tools: Transient FX, Structural Split, and Tonal FX. Depending on which transient effects you’re using (delay, tape delay, dynamics, phaser, reverb, gate/EQ, reverse delay), you can transform the very first click of any audio sample through multiple different features. Expect time, pitch, feedback, threshold, release, makeup, ratio, depth, etc. Tonal FX will affect the total sound source that’s coming into the plugin. A total of 8 different effects are included: delay, dynamics, pitch, chorus, reverb, tremolo, EQ, and reverse delay. Last but not least, Eventide implemented the split technology, used for SplitEQ, into this plugin. Structural Split separates both the transient and tonal information into 2 sections which can be affected separately. Insert the right instrument as a sound source, decide whether you want to focus on only the transient information, tonal information, or both, and control the overall effect through the amount of smoothening and transient decay. You can dial in the total effect using the mix slider, gain slider, or bypass the entire plugin. More than 500 presets are included, suitable for any kind of occasion.

Eventide’s Physion Mk ll is available for a price of $179, but if you’re an owner of the complete Anthology XII bundle then you get this plugin for free.



Have a closer look at the plugin down below:

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