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Best Mid/Side EQ VST Plugins in 2023 for Music Producers

One thing that a lot of producers struggle with is achieving a full, wide sounding mix. Arguably, a fuller and wider mix will be perceived as “better sounding” to the listener. Using tools like panning, and stereo imaging techniques, including mid/side processing, will help you achieve a wide sounding mix.

What is Mid/Side Processing? 

The stereo space can be divided into 2 parts: Mid & Side. The Mid channel refers to the center of the mix whereas the side is edges of the mix. Both collectively form the stereo space. Mid/Side processing is quite a handy tool for improving your mixes. This technique can be extremely effective while EQing your sounds. It’s important that you use an EQ that provides you this functionality. Here are the best Mid/Side EQ Plugins in 2023 for music producers.


Best Mid/Side EQ Plugins in 2023 for Music Producers 

1. FabFilter Pro Q-3

2. Oxford Dynamic EQ

3. Waves H-EQ Hybrid Equalizer

4. Ozone 10 Elements 

5. MAutoDynamicEQ

6. Sonible Smart:EQ 2 

7. Mastering The Mix MIXROOM


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1.FabFilter Pro Q-3

FabFilter’s Pro Q-3 offers everything an engineer, producer, and singer/songwriter could wish for. Get in control of the separate bands, or act as a surgeon and control just a single frequency. Choose between 6 of the most efficient stereo placements such as left, right, stereo, mid, or side to get the most out of your mix/master. Probably one of the best mid/side EQ plugins available.





2.Oxford Dynamic EQ

Sonnox developed the Dynamic EQ to control harsh or boomy frequencies by using a traditional static EQ, without changing the integrity of the original signal. Control 5 Oxford type-3 EQ bands without introducing static phase distortion or low-frequency artifacts. Each band can process/detect from mono, stereo, mid, and side channels.




3. H-EQ Hybrid Equalizer

This hybrid equalizer combines the best vintage and modern features inspired by the finest American and British consoles. H-EQ’s graphic design will offer you options such as 7 different filter types per band, a renewed bell filter, and an intuitive keyboard to select frequencies by clicking on notes. Check out the EQ plugin in action down below.




4. Ozone 10 Elements 

Ozone 10 Elements is a complete mastering bundle to control every detail of your mix within one plugin. Ozone 10 comes in with the equalizer, imager and maximizer. The EQ comes in with 8 filter bands and a variety of shapes to choose from. You can also choose from digital and analog filter shapes to check what’s working the best for your mix. Overall a very powerful mid/side EQ plugin.




5. MAutoDynamicEQ

MAuto Dynamic EQ is a parametric equalizer that comes in with a unique visualization clubbed with classic meters and time graphs, 4 multiparameters, automatic gain compensation, and a global preset manager. As the name suggest, this is a dynamic eq plugin that comes in quite handy in a variety of use cases such as de-essing.



6. smart:EQ 2 

This intelligent equalizer offers boundless sonic possibilities after only a few tweaks. It has a revolutionary learning ability powered by smart: engine, an A.I. filter that automatically corrects tonal imbalances, and a pro interface update & Mid/Side processing. Check out the in-depth review of Smart EQ 2 down below.




7. Mastering The Mix Mixroom

Mastering The Mix developed an EQ to help you get the most out of your mix. Load MIXROOM on any sound, mix, or master, choose a preset or create a target while importing a reference track, shape your sound by controlling the several bands, and level match your mix. Mixroom also checks if your audio is muddy, dull, thin, harsh, or even almost perfect. Pretty unique eq plugin that offers Mid/Side processing as well.


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