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Numark launch new standalone DJ unit, Mixstream Pro

After releasing 2 standalone DJ controllers, Mixdeck Express and NVII, Numark announced their third DJ unit. This DJ controller is fully optimized to combine the past, present, and future of DJing. Some interesting features have been added to the Mixstream Pro, details of which can be found down below.


The Mixstream Pro is designed with 2 large 6″ scratch wheels specially developed with a smart scratch feature. This feature makes sure the music always stays on the beat after scratching. Perfect if you want to develop your scratching skills without having the fear of failure. The 4 performance touchpads on either side can be used as cue points, saved loops, auto loops, or rolls, enabling up to 16 creative possibilities on each side. Underneath that, you’ll find 2 large built-in monitor speakers. The Mixstream Pro is the first standalone DJ controller featuring high-quality speakers with a volume knob. These can be perfectly used for small pool parties, casual listening, or background music.


Numark has been improving a lot in the realm of streaming music and connectivity. Without the use of a computer, you can connect the DJ controller to your Wi-Fi and stream music from TIDAL, Beatport LINK, Beatsource LINK, and Soundcloud GO+. Get access to millions of songs anywhere on the internet, through this device. Every track is analyzed on key and BPM and stored in its internal memory system. This will prevent the music from stopping even if you’ve lost your internet connection. On the back, you’ll also find 2 USB inputs and 1 SD card slot. Furthermore, you can hook up the controller to the Engine DJ desktop software, where you can easily export music from iTunes, Serato DJ, Traktor, or Rekordbox to your USB sticks.


To top things off, you can connect your Mixstream Pro wirelessly to your Philips Hue Smart Home lighting. The lighting will automatically change color and brightness on time with the music you’re playing. It even reacts to the movement of crossfaders, scratching, and volume controls. By using the lighting controls on the device itself, you have the freedom to add several effects such as color selection and strobing. If you want to take this feature to a next level, start using the SoundSwitch desktop software. Pre-analyze your music, export it to your USB sticks, and get full control over lighting by using the touchscreen.

The Mixstream Pro is currently available at a price of £499.

Have a look closer look at the device itself down below:

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Image Credits: Numark

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