Moog 904A: Classic low pass filter goes digital with Animoog Z

Moog is indisputably one of the biggest names in music gear- founder Bob Moog completely changed the course of music history in 1964 by introducing the world’s first commercial synth, and they’ve been at the top of the chain ever since. They’re still innovating nearly 60 years on from then, and thanks to the yet budding Animoog Zyou can now get your hands on presets that make use of an iconic low pass filter: the Moog 904A.


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A highly sought-after eurorack module notably recreated by Behringer, the filter sound of the 904A quickly became a favorite in popular music since it was first introduced to the market in the late 1960’s. It’s been a mainstay ever since, finding itself recognized as one of the main components of the company’s beloved signature sound. The filter’s been included on countless Moog synths, and the still young Animoog Z is no exception. Described by Moog as “an inspiring 16-voice polyphonic synthesizer”, the Animoog is extraordinarily powerful for an instrument that takes up less than 50 MB on an Apple device. It’s a no-brainer for anyone with a Mac, iPhone, or iPad, and the incredible vintage sounds of the 904A only add to the appeal.


The original Moog 904A is incredibly hard to find: searching the internet returns almost no results on units for sale, and what is up and available is going for upwards of $1000 and- quite frankly- doesn’t seem genuine. All the more reason to access it’s sounds through Moog’s Animoog Z, which you can download for free on any iOS device by clicking the button below! The 30 presets and 81 timbres made with the 904A will be at your disposal as an add-on for $4.99!



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Image Credit: Moog (Instagram)