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Moog Music Celebrates 70th Anniversary & Return of Iconic Minimoog Model D

Moog Music, the renowned synthesizer manufacturer, is commemorating its 70th anniversary and the re-release of its iconic Minimoog Model D with an immersive digital experience. This celebration coincides with the birthday of electronic music pioneer Bob Moog on May 23rd. The new web experience, created in collaboration with design studio Pentagram, takes visitors on a journey through the rich history of electronic music, showcasing the impact of the Minimoog Model D and the artists who embraced it.


Drawing inspiration from ’90s video games and websites, the interactive experience offers a range of apps and activities centered around the Minimoog Model D. Visitors can explore the incredible musicians, songs, stories, and sounds that have shaped generations of music. The website allows users to tour the factory virtually and dive into the world of electronic sound.


One of the highlights of the digital experience is the opportunity to play the sounds of favorite artists and songs. The Minimoog Model D has been utilized by influential musicians across various genres. Bernie Worrell, Gary Numan, and Kraftwerk are just a few examples of artists who embraced the instrument, leaving an indelible mark on music history. The website features an artistic rendition of the classic synthesizer, allowing users to play an online version and create their own musical compositions inspired by the sounds of these iconic artists.


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Visitors can also step inside the Mini Moog Factory, where each section of the website offers a joyful and engaging experience. The Jukebox section presents a collection of more than 45 influential songs that feature the Minimoog Model D. The Practice Room provides an interactive synthesizer emulation, allowing users to play Minimoog lead, bass, and percussion sounds and record their own compositions. The Archives section delves into the rich history of the Minimoog Model D, its designers, and its global impact. The Theatre section showcases musical performances and videos spanning over 50 years of the instrument’s presence on stage and in studios.


The collaboration between Moog and Pentagram resulted in a creative partnership that brought this digital experience to life. Led by sound and experiential design visionary Yuri Suzuki, the teams aimed to capture the essence of Dr. Bob Moog’s groundbreaking innovation and the cultural impact of the Model D. The website offers various sections, including a Face Synth feature that allows users to interact with the instrument’s controls using their facial expressions and body movements.


As part of the celebration, Moog Music is also hosting a raffle for serial #1 of the latest edition of the Minimoog Model D in collaboration with the Bob Moog Foundation. Proceeds from the raffle will support the foundation’s mission to inspire people through the intersection of science, music, technology, and innovation.


The Minimoog Model D, originally released in 1970, revolutionized the world of music and served as the archetype for synthesizers that followed. Its all-analog design combined the powerful sound of Moog modular synthesizers with user-friendly pre-wired modules, allowing for instant and intuitive playability. The instrument quickly gained recognition and was embraced by a diverse range of performers, contributing to the development of new sounds and genres.


Moog Music’s virtual experience offers a captivating journey into the world of electronic music and pays homage to the legacy of the Minimoog Model D. Whether exploring the history, playing iconic sounds, or creating original compositions, visitors can immerse themselves in the innovation and creativity that define the Moog brand. To join the celebration and experience the Minimoog Model D, visit and embark on a virtual adventure into the realm of electronic sound.




Image credits: Moog Music

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