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Moog dives into budget friendly range with its new Semi-Modular synthesizer, Mavis

Mavis by Moog is a semi-modular synthesizer that comes loaded with exciting features in a budget-friendly range. 

Moog just delivered a brand new synthesizer to the market. A compact, budget-friendly synth saw daylight on June 14 and is currently available worldwide. Mavis holds on to Moog’s elite sound quality and some exciting features. Find out what this analog synthesizer brings to the market, down below.


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Moog incorporated a clear overview of its circuitry, suitable for both beginners and for someone looking to expand their existing synth setup. On its own, Mavis is operating as a 24-point CV-controllable module (44HP) including Moog’s classic filters, oscillators, an LFO, and many patching possibilities. Both subtractive synthesis and the first-ever additive wave folding open up the extent of creative experimentation with the synth.


Mavis can be hooked up with other VC devices (such as Grandmother, Subharmonicon, Mother-32, and DFAM) through the 24-point patch bay. This way Mavis can communicate seamlessly with other devices when installed into a Eurorack setup. The range of analog oscillators, including PWM, are adding the typical character and color to the sounds. Besides the -24 dB Low Pass VCF and the LFO, Moog implemented a 4-stage envelope generator where you’ll be able to blend both the LFO and the envelope generator through the use of crossfades in its modulation routing.


A Synth for All Sounds and Styles” is how this analog synthesizer is described. Through a series of 7 compositions, different artists showcase Mavis’ wide range of possibilities. Included within are multiple components offering you the possibility to quickly build Mavis with minimal tools. A selection of patch books also included with the package will guide you through Mavis.

This monophonic analog synthesizer comes at a price of $349 USD.


Meet Mavis:

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Image Credits: Press(Moog Music) via Humming Bird Media

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