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Moog issues a statement on the recent Supreme Court decision

Moog has made a statement in reaction to the latest decision of the Supreme Court in America. The announcement of the Supreme Court on Friday, June 24th has made some big headlines all around the world and is currently a major topic of discussion on social media as well. Many artists, companies, festivals, and DJs have been vocal about the decision.


Renowned music gear manufacturer Moog, also issued a statement and posted it on its social media citing: “This decision is in opposition to our core values.” Furthermore, they said: “ Everyone should have the right to decide what is best for their own body and future. Access to healthcare that provides safe and private reproductive services should be a right for all people. We stand with our customers and artist community who have lost these freedoms and will continue to support women`s rights, LGBTQ+ rights, and equal rights for all people. As an immediate action, we will be donating to an inclusive organization that we believe best aligns with our values and will make a difference in our home state and surrounding areas. We are also committed to ensuring that our employees maintain access to healthcare options that are right for them, no matter the restrictions. Through this all, we urge you, regardless of opinion, to treat all people with love, compassion, dignity, and respect.”


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This statement comes as a huge step taken by the organization and has also motivated other brands in the music space to support the ones affected by the court’s decision.




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