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NAMM 2023: Behringer introduces 2 new mixers to XENYX Series

Behringer introduced the XENYX 502s and XENYX 802s mixers ahead of NAMM 2023, which are part of a well-known series of compact mixers that have been improved to create the perfect analog mixer for podcasting, streaming, and recording.


XENYX 502S – Premium Analog 5-Input Mixer with USB Streaming Interface.

The XENYX 502S mixer is quite compact and has 5 inputs that enable you to effortlessly achieve a high-quality sound that’s perfect for recording, podcasting, and streaming. Its award-winning XENYX microphone preamp provides a warm and extremely musical sound. The new XENYX “S” series can be effortlessly connected to digital sources such as computers or mobile devices through USB, which makes integrating digital and analog equipment super easy.


It has one mono and two stereo channels that allow you to mix up to 5 signals and blend them to a stereo RCA streaming input and a stereo USB input, resulting in a total of 9 crystal-clear audio signals for monitoring via headphones or high-quality TRS Main outputs. The 502S can also function as a versatile sub mixer for combining network-enabled audio devices with other analog signals.


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XENYX 802S – Premium Analog 8-Input Mixer with USB Streaming Interface

The 802S mixer comes with a 3-band EQ on both Mono and Stereo inputs, which enables you to achieve precise sound shaping for any input source. Each channel has an integrated FX send control that allows you to connect any external FX processor of your choice, such as the Behringer FX2000, for incredible audio effects flexibility. If nothing is connected to the stereo line inputs 7/8, the Level 7/8 control can be utilized to conveniently adjust the USB input level.

Overall, the Behringer XENYX 502s and XENYX 802s mixers offer outstanding features for those looking for a high-quality analog mixer for podcasting, streaming, and recording. With the XENYX microphone preamp, USB streaming interface, and other advanced features, these compact mixers deliver crystal-clear audio signals that are perfect for professional use. Know more about the mixers here.



Image credits: Behringer

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