NAMM 2023 Gear & Software

NAMM 2023: Gear & Software launches at the conference

NAMM (National Association of Music Merchants) is one of the most highly anticipated events in the music industry, where top manufacturers showcase their latest and greatest equipment and software. In 2023, the event brought together a diverse range of cutting-edge technologies, from software that can completely transform your sound to gear that reimagines what’s possible in music production. From big-name companies to independent startups, NAMM 2023 had something for everyone. In this article, we will take a closer look at some of the most exciting software and gear announcements from NAMM 2023, giving you a glimpse into the future of music production.

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  1. 1V/Oct introduces semi-modular wavetable synth station
  2. Verbos Electronics’ Real World Interface brings in signals
  3. ddrum unveils next-gen DDTi
  4. Nektar’s Panorama CST MIDI controller aims to reduce reliance on computer screens
  5. Beyerdynamic reimagines iconic M Series microphones
  6. Donner launches D1, a simplified drum machine for first-time beatmakers
  7. Soundtoys releases Superplate, a more powerful version of Little Plate reverb
  8. Avid debuts MTRX II Interface at NAMM Show
  9. Yamaha introduces wireless headphones for musicians, the YH-WL500
  10. Guzauski unveils GS2a monitor, the Guzauski Swist
  11. Myburgh M28 mic now available
  12. Sony’s new MDR-MV1 headphones designed for spatial audio production
  13. Audiomovers’ Web Transmitter allows for browser-based collaboration
  14. Audiomovers presents TEC Tracks session on “Real-Time High Resolution Remote Collaboration” at NAMM
  15. Steinberg announces MPEG-H Audio availability in future Nuendo updates
  16. Hammond releases XK-4 Portable Organ
  17. Fender launches Riff Bluetooth Speaker
  18. Audeze debuts new Professional Studio Headphone with Manny Marroquin
  19. Rupert Neve Designs introduces new RNDI-8
  20. 4MS unveils new Looping Delay and Sampler modules with DIY option
  21. Sound Particles launches “first ever” 3D synth, game changer according to Jean-Michel Jarre
  22. Polyend releases handheld version of Tracker, the Tracker Mini
  23. Behringer introduces two new compact consoles for podcasters, performers, gamers, and more
  24. Amphion announces One25A, a 3-way active studio monitor
  25. Bastl Instruments’ Bestie mixer is designed to sound bad!
  26. Bitwig Studio 5 takes modulation engine to the next level
  27. Universal Audio debuts three new UAFX pedals
  28. Sequential significantly updates Take 5 synth
Image credits: NAMM

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