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NAMM 2023: Sequential introduce Take 5 Version 2.0 with Free OS Update

Sequential has just released Take 5 version 2.0, an exciting and free update for all Take 5 synthesizer owners ahead of NAMM 2023. This update provides even more creative freedom to the Take 5, doubling the amount of preset storage and introducing 128 new patches created by some of the best sound designers in the world. The Take 5 version 2.0 also includes an array of new synthesis features such as Envelope Repeats, LFO Slew, and a Lo-Fi tape emulation effect that oozes vintage character.


The Take 5 version 2.0 boasts of double the number of presets with 128 new programs, providing users with a wealth of sounds to explore, from rich pads to fat basses and shimmering leads. With the Take 5 synthesizer, users can find the perfect sound to complete their latest track. In addition, this update includes expanded program storage with 8 new sound bank locations, creating a grand total of 512 program memory slots. Musicians can now save all their latest sound tweaks and sonic explorations without worrying about running out of storage space.


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Envelope Repeat is one of the exciting new features in Take 5 version 2.0, which creates complex and evolving textures with both envelopes capable of looping through their Delay, Attack, and Decay stages. This feature allows musicians to create rhythmic and evolving sounds with ease.


LFO Slew is another exciting new feature that adds beautiful smooth and organic modulations to the sound. Musicians can apply the new Slew parameter available for LFO 1 and LFO 2 to create stunning and unique soundscapes.


Take 5 version 2.0 also includes a Lo-Fi effect, which adds vintage character to any sound. With controls affecting the frequency of wow and flutter, playback head azimuth, and tape drive, musicians can transport their sound to the time-worn recordings of yesteryear.


Other new features in Take 5 version 2.0 include oscillator 2 filter bypass, Scale with 65 preset alternatives for tuning, Mod Destination Assignment to Vintage Amount, and Foot Pedal sequencer control, allowing musicians to start and stop the sequencer with a foot pedal.


In conclusion, the Take 5 version 2.0 update is an excellent addition to the Take 5 synthesizer, providing users with new and exciting features that will undoubtedly enhance their creativity and sound. Know more here.



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