Neumann MT-48

Neumann Announces MT 48 As Debut Interface

Since 1928, Neumann has been known for achieving milestone after milestone in professional audio technology. For almost 100 years, the Berlin based manufacturer has taken pride in setting the standard for producing top of the line microphones, and they have every intention of continuing to raise that bar. With the announcement of the Neumann MT 48, the recording industry will be introduced to the newest player in the audio interface game.


The MT 48 is a 2-channel audio interface that offers Neumann’s signature audio quality with a wide array of integrated features. This device utilizes the same transformer-free, class A preamp found within the legendary U 48 and M49 microphones, which adds another dimension of warmth and clarity to the sound. The interface is also capable of supporting up to 24-bit/192kHz recording and playback. This makes the MT 48 the perfect choice for quality studio recordings and live streaming.


In terms of connectivity, users of the MT 48 will be treated with several recording options. The new interface features two XLR/TRS combo inputs with phantom power switches, allowing for both dynamic and condenser microphones to be plugged in. Additionally, instruments such as guitars and basses can be directly connected to the interface via switchable High-Z inputs found on each channel.


One way that Neumann sets their debut interface apart from the competition is with the addition of their built in DSP system. This provides a touch screen that allows the user to add and control effects such as reverb, compression, EQ, and filtering directly to the input signal while also keeping latency to a minimum. Especially when working with vocals, this feature will be a godsend to any engineer looking to save time by eliminating what could be hours of extensive post production work from the mixing process and achieving a quality recording in the beginning of the signal chain.


Windows and Mac users alike will be able to share compatibility with the MT 48, and it will come packaged with software from Steinberg, including Cubase LE and Wavelab LE. Furthermore, this product also features USB-C connectivity that will permit compatibility with iOS devices.


The Neumann MT 48 provides the missing link in the signal chain that its counterparts have failed to deliver. With its Class A preamp, DSP effects, and multiple input ports, Producers and streamers will have unrestricted access to seamless audio processing from start to finish while preserving the best sound quality possible. This will make it a must have addition in the next era of studio recording.


Image credit: Neumann (Press)

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