Nopia MIDI chord generator

Meet Nopia, a remarkable MIDI chord generator

Finding simplicity within the process of music composition is something we’re all aiming for. Artificial Intelligence is doing a great job of showing the possibilities that are in front of us, we only have to grab it. This next invention is a great example of using simplicity to our advantage. We want you to say hello to a chord instrument that uses tonal harmony, called Nopia. Have a look down below to find out what this piece of gear has to offer.


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Tonal harmony gives us a better understanding of the relationships between multiple notes. Some notes, when played together, are creating tension (dissonance) and some are creating a feeling of rest (consonance). The harmony that evolves when stacking multiple notes is spread across a 12-noted keyboard which you can control a full chord by only using 1 note. Martin Grieco and Rocio Gal are two designers, coming from Argentina, who specialized in the field of musical instruments. Their creation, called Nopia, mainly consists of a Chord Builder that allows you to build your own chords and control them with only 1 finger. Choose your favorite tonal centre (key) and Nopia will assign different chords whilst playing. These chords can differ from basic to complex extensions such as Cmaj9 or Cmaj7. A single bass note, that’s either within the selected key or an alternative note, can be added to the chords in order to add weight to your creations. Enable MIDI synchronization if you want to use another input sound which the bass can react with. Go beyond the use of static chords by enabling the arpeggiator. This feature will unfold the notes within the chord and offers you more control when linking it to the synth. A total of 2 synth banks are implemented at which sounds from these banks can be blended together once using the slider. Connect Nopia to Ableton and use the included Ableton Rack to customize the sounds. Play around with keys, basses, synths, and an arpeggiator individually or simultaneously.


More details regarding this piece of gear will be published soon.


Introduction of Nopia:

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