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Nova Audio introduces pearl studded ear buds

As wireless earbuds are becoming more of a standard choice for digesting music and audiobooks or making phone calls on the go, one company is looking to not only offer a superior audio product but also provide a stunning fashion statement for its clientele. Nova Audio has now introduced H1, a new line of earbuds that feature a prominent pearl earring design to help accessorize one’s listening device.

While people have more and more options for earbuds, many designs still maintain the stagnant look that comes with audio equipment, focusing on sound quality, battery life, comfort, and other parameters ahead of fashion and visual appeal.  Nova Audio is hoping to change the narrative and has already looked to reshape the market with the release of its new H1 Audio Earrings.  The sleek new product comes in two designs, either gold or silver, and features a pearl stud at the center of the design, making it an elegant accessory while still being a high-quality audio device.  Worn like an earring, both designs come available for either pierced or non-pierced ears, easily clipping on or fitting like a stud.

Of course, Nova Audio will not be forfeiting audio quality in the name of fashion with this new release.  While the earbud will outwardly appear as just an earring, the bud will offer elite sound quality and privacy for listening and phone calls.  The H1 Audio Earrings are designed with a battery life that should last throughout the day, ensuring easy, hands-free phone calls and listening no matter what comes up.  They also feature a lightweight, 7g design, to ensure that they feel comfortable, whether listening to music or simply showing off the pearl studs as a fashion accessory.

Be sure to check out the full introductory video from Nova Audio below to learn more about this fashionable new audio device.


Image credit: Nova Audio

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