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Oeksound Launches Soothe Live: The Real-Time Dynamic Resonance Suppressor for Live Performances

Oeksound, the Helsinki-based plugin company, has announced the release of its newest plugin: Soothe Live. This real-time version of their popular dynamic resonance suppressor, Soothe 2, is specifically designed for live performances and recording.


The original Soothe 2 plugin has been widely used in the music production industry since its release in 2019. It has been praised for its ability to remove harsh and unwanted resonances in audio recordings, making the mixing process smoother and more efficient. Soothe Live takes this concept a step further by allowing sound engineers and musicians to use this powerful tool in a live setting.


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Soothe Live is compatible with Avid VENUE(S6L) and Pro Tools(HDX) systems and runs on both macOS and Windows platforms. It is optimized for low-latency processing, making it ideal for use during live performances, streaming, and broadcasting. The list of specifications on the Soothe Live includes:

  • Algorithm latency of 0.66 ms
  • Roundtrip latency ~1.0 ms
  • Sample rates 44.1, 48, 88.2, 96 kHz supported on Pro Tools | HDX
  • Can run 54 mono or 36 stereo instances on a single 18-core HDX card
  • Full frequency range operation
  • Sidechain feature
  • Touch screen optimized with touch gestures


The plugin’s intuitive interface provides real-time visual feedback, making it easy to see the impact of the processing on the audio signal. Soothe Live’s advanced algorithms analyze the incoming signal and dynamically adjust the processing settings to provide optimal results. The plugin also includes a range of presets, allowing users to quickly dial in the desired sound.


Soothe Live was developed in response to the growing demand for a real-time version of the plugin. The release of Soothe Live is great news for live sound engineers and musicians who are looking for an effective tool to control unwanted resonances during live performances. With its powerful processing capabilities and user-friendly interface, Soothe Live is sure to become a go-to tool for audio professionals around the world.



Oeksound Soothe Live is available now from the official website at a price of $899.






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