Oeksound Spiff Black Friday Sale 2022

Transient control AU/VST Plugin

Spiff is a special transient control unit, made in oek-style. Just like Soothe2, Spiff will analyze the incoming signal on information and apply the right processing on the right areas. Spiff’s interface can be divided into 3 sections. The main controls can be found on the left side of the plugin where you can control the depth, decay, sensitivity, sharpness, stereo width, balance, overall mix, and trim. At the right, you’ll find its large graph. This will visualize its workings, at which you can isolate certain frequency bands by using the EQ section. 

Turn this unit into a transient reducer by choosing the cut feature, or into a transient enhancer by choosing the boost feature. Spiff can be perfectly used for drums, basses, synths, and guitars, but its main focus lies on the removal of mouth noises, clicks, and pops. Oeksound designed this plugin to operate in extreme detail.


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Black Friday Deal:  Spiff by OekSound is currently available for 30% off this black Friday till November 28

Price: $99 (from $149)






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