Review: Oeksound Spiff

Oeksound has only released 2 plugins(Soothe 2 & Spiff) to date however both of them have gained immense support from music producers across the globe. Oeksound Spiff is a must-have plugin when it comes to transient control. There are plenty of transient control plugins in the market so this had to be something special to get into our list. Read our complete review of the plugin down below: 


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With extreme detail to transients, Spiff analyses the incoming signal and applies the processing to the parts of the signal that contain only the transient information. You can choose between Cut or Boost, in which the processing will either boost a transient frequency or attenuate it.

To hear what the plugin is doing, first, you have to click on the “delta” button in the “advanced” tab, then you will be able to hear only the frequency that is being processed and this will help pinpoint specific parts of the transient you want to pop out more. There are 5 bands that you can move to push the dynamic processing to a specific frequency range with bandwidth and sensitivity while using the two sidebands for high and low pass filtering. Using the decay and sharpness knobs lets more of the processing happen and how sharp it sounds,  before it fades away like a dynamic dry/wet knob. The Depth knob works as a threshold knob for how much processing you want to use. Also worth mentioning there is a mix control that lets you use the plug+in in parallel mode.



Spiff is currently priced at US$ 199.42. You can purchase the plugin here.



Oeksound Spiff has a learning curve, not too steep, but opens up some new possibilities when it comes to transient control. Once you start to get the hang out of it, you will notice that it can be a very powerful and unique tool that not many can replicate, as it can be used very technically or artistically as well.


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Image Credits: Oeksound

Yaniv Markowitch also known as "Marcovits" is a Progressive House & Techno producer born in Guatemala, now living in Israel has been featured in labels such as Cinematique, Traum Schallplatten, Mercurial Tones, Uzons Records, and soon ICONYC.

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