OneOdio Monitor 60 wired headphones: Pro-level quality made affordable

To say that a good pair of headphones is a necessity is stating the obvious. Putting aside the computer you use to make your music, the headphones are pretty much the one thing you have to have, as well as the one you will be using the most. Ideally, they are the perfect blend of performance and comfort, clear and crisp without coloring the sound and wearable for hours without sacrificing functionality. They can make your life easier or add one more thing to worry about. With this in mind, the high-performing and relatively inexpensive OneOdio Monitor 60 wired headphones could very well be the perfect pair for you.


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The Monitor 60 has quite the impressive list of features, especially when you remember it goes for less than $100. A wonderful option for DJs, producers, audio pros, and audiophiles alike, they boast hi-res audio verification, easy to use adapter-free cables, single side monitoring, high protein memory foam earmuffs, and 50mm dual dynamic drivers. Amazingly versatile, it ships with 3 different cables designed for specific scenarios- one for tv, one for monitoring, and one for other general daily use- allowing you to use it for whatever purpose you see fit. It doesn’t end there- a frequency range of 20Hz to 40 KHz and an impedance of 38 Ω means it’ll sound just as good no matter how you use it. It even comes with a sturdy and sleek headphone stand for convenient storage!


The OneOdio Monitor 60 Wired Headphones are available online at the company’s official website. They usually retail for $89.99 (€87.95; £82), but are currently on sale for $79.99 (€77.95; £73)! Use code SUPER20% for 20% off your total order, available for a limited time and only on the official OneOdio website. Be sure to watch the video below for more information on these beautiful headphones!


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Image credit: OneOdio