Output Portal Black Friday Sale 2022

FX AU/VST Plugin

Portal is a granular processing tool, specially built to shape audio sources. Output incorporated granular synthesis in which audio will be broken down into multiple tiny parts. By using the large circular XY slider you will be controlling 2 different macros. These will differ based on the presets you’re using. Reverse its effect and control the dry/wet of the overall plugin. Head over to the more advanced section of Portal at which you can control the individual grain controls and the modulation sources for movement. Over 250 presets are listed into several categories such as drums, vocals, guitars, delay, basses, and sound design. A total of 7 FX are included with an additional filter and master compressor. This special way of processing can’t be compared to a normal reverb or delay plugin as the outcome will be different every time.


Black Friday Deal: Portal VST Plugin is currently available for 35% off as part of Output Black Friday Deal.

Price: $96.0 (discounted from $149)


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