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OXI Instruments: Revolutionizing music creation with OXI One and OXI Coral

Founded by a passionate music technologist, OXI Instruments is pushing the boundaries of music creation with its innovative line of instruments. What started out as a Kickstarter campaign has now evolved into one of the most promising pieces of music equipment launched in recent times. The company currently offers two main products – OXI One and OXI Coral – aimed at igniting creative inspiration and enabling intuitive music production. Let’s dive in to see what the two products have to offer.


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At its core, OXI One functions as both a highly capable music production tool and a customizable MIDI controller for studio gear. This portable hybrid workstation aims to provide producers with extensive possibilities beyond standard hardware sequencers.



The built-in sequencer allows for quick sketching of melodies and chords. Users can enable or disable individual note steps, similar to classic drum machine workflows, for easy pattern creation. Detailed parameters like scale selection, root note, and step duration offer deep sequence tweakability.


But OXI One can also serve as a centralized MIDI control hub for external gear like desktop synths, drum machines, and DAW software. The workstation connects via USB-MIDI to most instruments and can record live playing as sequence data within its own sequencer. This opens up dynamic performance possibilities when paired with other hardware.


OXI One condenses robust music production capabilities into one portable battery-powered unit. For artists who want deep sequencing, flexible MIDI control, and customizable workflow all from one device, OXI One aims to fulfill that vision. The workstation seeks to break through the limitations of traditional hardware sequencers with its all-in-one design ethos.


oxi one

Image credits: OXI

Its functionality has been improved over time by adding a range of new features to it. Have a look down below:


  • Abundant Modulation Sources: Featuring 8 LFOs and up to 32 “Draw & Perform” modulation lanes (New) that can be routed both internally and externally.
  • Four Loopers
  • Four Arpeggiators with Various Modes
  • Eight CVs & Eight Gates, Fully Routable
  • Numerous Randomization Options: Enabling the random generation of patterns and melodies.
  • Euclidean & Pattern Generators
  • Song Arranger
  • Performative Keyboard Layouts
  • MIDI USB Host (New)
  • Bluetooth & Battery Powered
  • Four Fully Configurable Sequencers: Offering six different modes, including classic mono, poly, and multitrack, as well as some innovative and creative options like Matricial, Stochastic, and Chord sequencers.


OXI One packs an impressive array of production and performance features into its portable interface. The Chord Mode and Harmonizer combination enables intuitive chord progression creation with over 150 variations. Users can then harmonically link other instruments to follow these chords, allowing for complex evolving arrangements. OXI One aims to provide immediate access to parameters through its grid of RGB pads and knobs – removing the need for repetitive menu diving. The grid also allows for gestures like note tying and X/Y manipulation. DAW integration is seamless; producers can leverage OXI One’s sequencing and sound design tools to quickly sketch out songs. Features like isomorphic keyboards, advanced arpeggiators, and connectivity to modular gear provide many avenues for creative exploration. For artists seeking versatile sequencing, harmonic tools, and dynamic control capabilities, OXI One provides an all-in-one solution.



OXI One has garnered exceptional feedback thus far, with YouTube comment sections on OXI One videos overflowing with commendation. One enthusiastic user exclaimed, “This device is so powerful 💪🏾,” highlighting the impressive capabilities of OXI One. Another user shared their excitement by declaring, “Amazing! This is the perfect tool to enhance the usability of drum machines, such as the MPC, in live scenarios.



OXI One is available for a price of €729.



OXI Coral 

OXI’s Coral, the latest addition to their product lineup, is an intriguing piece of musical technology that pairs seamlessly with the OXI One. At first glance, it may not be immediately recognizable as a synthesizer, but this unassuming box is precisely that. Designed as a Eurorack module, it boasts custom aluminum knobs and an anodized aluminum front panel, but it’s the colorful and well-organized interface that truly sets it apart. OXI touts Coral’s capacity to serve as a standard polyphonic synth right out of the box, all while occupying a mere 14hp of rack space. When connected to your preferred MIDI keyboard, the Coral provides a platform for exploration, allowing users to manipulate frequencies, timbre, and utilize the included Space Engine to manage envelope levels, filter settings, resonance, and panning, culminating in control over the Amp’s envelope. Moreover, Coral’s versatility extends to functioning as a comprehensive groove box with all the necessary features to craft full-fledged compositions. With its unassuming appearance and potent synthesis capabilities, the Coral presents an exciting option for musicians looking to expand their sonic horizons.


Image credits: OXI



The following specs are included:

  • Eight Full Voices: Each voice includes an envelope, filter, VCA, and amplitude modulation.
  • Massive Sound Versatility: Equipped with 10 different sound engines.
  • Polyphonic
  • Multi-Part
  • Multi-Engine: Virtual Analog, Wavehsaping, FM, Wavetable, MDO, String, Hi Hat synth, Snare Synth, Kick Synth, Distorted Harmonic oscillator* (available as alternative engine).
  • -Wav-Player Direct from Micro SD Card
  • -Wavetable create or import your own 3D wavetables with the OXI Wave app.
  • -Built-In FXs: Reverb and chorus sends allow precise control over the FX amount for each voice.
  • -MIDI and CV Control
  • -14 HP



OXI Coral is available for a price of €449.



Have a look at both the tools below:


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Image Credits: OXI Instruments


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